About Economic Roofing

Economic Roofing Company was founded in 1972, by Ty Hines who had relocated to the fledging town of Columbia, Maryland from Virginia Beach, Virginia. After having provided proven, quality work in the Columbia area, Economic Roofing began to grow greatly, landing contracts with some of the biggest builders who have formed the backbone of the Columbia community.

From those early years to the Mid-1980's, Economic became one of the largest residential roofing companies in the region. It was during this growth period that Economic Roofing initiated many of the systems which ensure its long-term stability.

Economic started aggressive safety training to minimize the injuries that plague many in the roofing trade. Economic also laid down certain laws, about which Ty feels strongly. "I have no tolerance for drugs and alcohol use on the job, the employees know it and if they break the rules there is no second chance."

With a dedication to quality and service, Economic Roofing Company is continuing to provide thousands of homeowners a year with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their roofing job has been done by one of the oldest and most respected roofing contractors in the region.

I. Memberships :
1. BBB
2. Maryland Association of Homebuilders.
3. National Association of Homebuilders.
4. Chamber of Commerce.
5. ABC Contractors Association.
6. National Roofers Contractors Association.
7. Maryland Home Improvement Contractors Association.
8. Whos Who of National Business Leaders.
9. Whos Who Worldwide.

II. Affiliations :
1. Save The Children
2. World Vision
3. Christmas in April
4. Enterprise Foundation
5. Blue Knights Good Samaritans
6. Police Memorial Funds
7. Maryland Crime Commission

III. Certifications :
1. Certainteed Master Shingle Applicator
2. Certainteed Select Shingle Roofer
3. Certainteed Quality Expert
4. Certainteed Advisory Council
5. Owens Corning Preferred Contractor
6. Genflex Certified Contractor

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